Who We Are?

At NAMMAPOLICY.COM we are committed to finding you the best deals at the lowest prices. We have serviced thousands of people in obtaining their motor insurance policy in simple and convenient manner. In addition, our vendor network powers the get the best and satisfactory deals to our customers and channel partners.

We have a tendency to additionally offer services to manage policies on-line.You’ve always been told that time is money. No-one wants to spend more time on getting insurance quotes than necessary and NAMMAPOLICY.COM understands this.

We have a young, qualified, and dedicated team to ensure an unsurpassed customer journey for our users.


Our company's purpose is to simplify and aid the decision-making process for our customers in buying an Insurance product. We will make information available to the customer in the simplest and easily understandable way so that customers can make an informed choice best suited for their individual needs.

The following principles will be the pillars of our business:

  • Be honest and provide unbiased products to our customers
  • Make information available in simplest & easily understandable way to customers
  • Use power of technology to drive growth and do better business
  • e cost-effective and lean in our operations
  • Pass on benefits to customers and channel partners

For our channel partners, we will provide them access to best products and technology on a real-time basis. We will also help our channel partners understand the customer needs and preferences better in a manner which will be beneficial to them.


To be the most preferred insurance service provider on both online and offline platforms and to have a wide channel partner network across India.

Unravel the Power of Technology

In this shrinking, fast paced world, time is money. We truly understand this & this is what has prompted us to build a state-of-the art technology-driven insurance company. As a step towards this, we have envisaged a state-of-the-art technological platform that integrates all the key business functions to build a deeper customer connect and create uniform brand experience.
A single window will allow you to purchase new policies, renew your policy, manage your policies and view the status of claims, etc.

This innovative technology platform will provide the following features in a phased manner

  • Anytime, Anywhere access to your account through our 24X7 support on our website
  • Our system has the capability to contact you through Internet, Mobile SMS and Telephone
  • Capacity to help you generate ‘Quick quotes’ and issue on-the-spot policies for select products
  • We have an mobile application, where you can easily calculate your vechicle insurance amount & IDV(Insured Declared Value)
  • We have an Integrated Claims System for Motor & other portfolios
  • Single View of your account which includes your contact details, family members and their details, tracking your policy, claims management, all in a single window


Three years ago from a 100 square ft office on a terrace, our team nervously set about making policies for two wheelers in and around Adambakkam a residential pocket of Chennai city. It has been an exciting and learning experience.

NAMMAPOLICY.COM has a wonderful team of people who are passionate about their daily jobs. Their job is simple – provide the best service and create the best insurance buying experience for the customer.

We’ve had many first – from being the first to develop the channel partner model to sell motor insurance policies exclusively, sell two wheeler policy in a catalogue pricing and our commitment to innovation is unfailing. This depends on everyone at the office being confident and comfortable sharing ideas and opinions. Every employee wears several hats and each one is an equal part of this success.

We make mistakes, but also better decisions, more innovative products, and cutting edge applications than most other companies. We have a young team – but this team is willing to learn, take quick decisions, and take ownership and successfully execute their responsibilities.

As we continue our journey we are always looking for people who produce great ideas and results that exceed expectations making for an amazing customer experience.

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